Trophies & Medals for the 2-Day WA1440 Tournament

Round: Gents – 3 dozen at 90m, 70m, 50m & 30m. Ladies – 3 dozen at 70m, 60m, 50m & 30m

Month: April

Double Dutch Clog Trophy

Round: 3 dozen at 60m & 3 dozen at 50yds

Month: August

Philip Simmons Memorial Trophy

Round: National - longbow Archers

Month: October

Winter Handicap Shoot for Sylvia May Trophy

3 Rounds (see below) shot on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons, with best score for the month being used.

January Ladies: Short National, Gents: National

February Ladies: National, Gents: Long National

March Ladies: Long National, Gents: New National

Medals awarded for 3 and 6 Gold End

Colour of Ribbon attached to Medal dependent on distance as specified in image below

Club Medals

Used for Club Competitions such as the Open Day, Club Championships, Monthly Handicap.